LIBRARY SHELF: Practice as Research


Barrett, Estelle; Bolt, Barbara; Practice as Research: Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry (2007) ICI Shelf: Current Project FIRST LINE: “The problem of assessing the value of inventions is not new.” LAST LINE: “Its fitness for promoting the stability of a creative arts research discipline and advancing the … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Practice as Research

LIBRARY SHELF: Bluff Your Way in the Classics


Leckie, Ross; Bluff Your Way in the Classics (1999) ICI Shelf: Culture FIRST LINE: “In these days of scholars of Peace Studies and BAs (Hons) in Countryside Recreation Participation, there has never been a better or easier time to become a distinguished bluffer in Classics.” LAST … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Bluff Your Way in the Classics

LIBRARY SHELF: The Animal that Therefore I Am


Derrida, Jacques; The Animal that Therefore I Am (2008) ICI Shelf: Philosophy FIRST LINE: “In the beginning, I would like to entrust myself to words that, were it possible, would be naked.” LAST LINE: “The stakes are so radical that they concern “ontological difference”, the “question … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: The Animal that Therefore I Am

LIBRARY SHELF: Histoire de L’oeil


Bataille, George; Histoire de L’oeil (1979) ICI Shelf: Fiction FIRST LINE: “J’ai ete eleve seul et, aussi loin que  je me le rappelle, j’etais anxieux des choses sexuelles.” LAST LINE: “Mais c’est la solitude et l’absence de sens qui la fondent.” ICI HISTORY: Last Line: Today at … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Histoire de L’oeil

LIBRARY SHELF: Mathematics and the Unexpected


Ekeland, Ivar; Mathematics and the Unexpected (1988) ICI Shelf: Science Theory FIRST LINE: “The picture we see in fig. 1.1 is a familiar one.” LAST LINE: “Order and chaos are always found together, be it in celestial mechanics or in number crunching.” ICI HISTORY: First Line: Today … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Mathematics and the Unexpected