EPHEMERA KABINETT: Coverage of Chilean Miners’ Rescue in Expresso Newspaper (digital)

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Representing the Chilean Miners' Rescue in Expresso Newspaper

ACCESSION #: 22123-d

TITLE: Spread from the Portuguese newspaper Expresso reporting on the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners on October 13, 2010

LOCATION: Ephemera Kabinett (Internet document)

DISCUSSION: Expresso did not simply represent but also enacted the rescue of the miners through a simple visual device. The hole that outlines the story about the rescue of the miners is sized to the same dimensions of the actual rescue hole. Even if you don’t put the newspaper on the floor and stand at its center (how could you resist?), it’s hard not to feel the sides of the tunnel that emanated from this hole and to reflect on its (tight) human proportions.

ICI HISTORY: Part of the HOLES (revisited) Rhizome on the ICI Laboratory Blog (12/2012)

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