Weeping, Dreaming, F*cking, Laughing


TITLE: Essay about how some ‘revolutions are started’ in Mousse Art Journal (Mousse 59, Summer 2017) by Andrew Beradini

DISCUSSION: We weep because we have the hearts to feel things. Our sadness is real and we have a right to it […]. We dream as we have the imaginations to envision that which doesn’t exist or which others are unable to see. We fuck because sometimes our bodies are the first and the last site of resistance […] We laugh because we have to.

– Andrew Beradini

Although the author doesn’t write explicitly about AIDS, his ‘manifesto’ can be used to understand the oft-times felt but rarely discussed private feelings and personal actions of AIDS activists. This is a story that has yet to be written.

ICI COLLECTIONS: AIDS; revolutions; I desire/I’m (not) sorry

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