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Miscellaneous documents from the ICI Ephemera Kabinett

HIV/AIDS Programs that could have been funded instead of Ken Starr


Accession #: ICI-21758 TITLE:Ken Starr’s Waste DISCUSSION: A postcard printed by Visual AIDS in the height of the Ken Starr investigation into President Clinton’s sexual antics. It highlights the choices our leaders make and underlines the irony of Starr’s efforts. … Continue reading

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EPHEMERA KABINETT: One life is Too Short


Accession #: ICI-22298 Title: One Life is Too Short Description: “The Lives They Lived”, New York Times Magazine, December 28, 2014 ICI Location: Ephemera Kabinett ICI History:  APOCALYPSE rhizome on the ICI Laboratory Blog (07/15) BACK TO APOCALYPSE GRID

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EPHEMERA KABINETT: 1945 photograph of Köln after WWII allied bombing

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ACCESSION #: ICI-22214-d TITLE: “What Remains” DESCRIPTION: Aerial view of Köln, Germany c. 1945. This northern German city endured over 1,000 bombings during World War II. Remarkably, the medieval cathedral at the center of the city withstood this bombardment. Its haunting … Continue reading

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Protected: FF tag you’re it

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Respond to Forget Foucault

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Did you participate in the Forget Foucault event? Did you take a button? Which one? Did you take a second button? If so, which one and what do you intend to do with the second button? Did you hate the … Continue reading

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Ephemera Kabinett: Ad seeking volunteers to test HIV Vaccine


EK ACCESSION#: ICI-21768 TITLE: Newspaper Ad in a Seattle Newspaper seeking volunteers to test an HIV vaccine. DISCUSSION: An ad found in a Seattle ‘give-away’ journal from the late 1990s. To our eyes, the visuals seemed bold and adventurous, perhaps a … Continue reading

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Plague in Virgil’s “Georgics” Pamphlet


A program for an exhibition organized by Daniel Cornell at the Pierpont Morgan Library in 1995 to coincide with the Day Without Art on December 1, World AIDS Day. Today, Visual AIDS prefers to emphasize the people, especially artists, who … Continue reading

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