LIBRARY SHELF: Muses from Chaos and Ash


Vaucher, Andrea R. Muses from Chaos and Ash: AIDS, Artists, and Art (1993) ICI Shelf: AIDS First Line: “I was driving up to Woodstock to visit my friend Kenny O’Brien.” Last Line: “In a way it’s really liberating.” ICI History: First Line, Today at the ICI-Twitter … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Muses from Chaos and Ash

LIBRARY SHELF: Tangled Memories


Sturken, Marita Tangled Memories: The Vietnam War, the AIDS Epidemic, and the Politics of Remembering (1997) FIRST LINE: “Memory is often embodied in objects, memorials, texts, talismans, images” LAST LINE: “They stand at the juncture of memory and history, tugging by their very presence the … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Tangled Memories