LIBRARY SHELF: Hide and Seek


Shell, Hannah Rose; Hide and Seek: Camouflage, Photography and the Media of Reconnaissance (2012) ICI Shelf: Barthes’ Tear FIRST LINE: “Here’s one way of not showing up.” LAST LINE: “What predators, real or imagined, might be revealed by a stenciled outline?” ICI HISTORY: First Line: Today at … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Hide and Seek

Sebald’s photo archive

Archive 7

These pages, that represent the 385 images from W. G. Sebald’s four published prose fictions, jump-started our 5-year long study of the late author’s work. By attempting to bring the pictures back to their pre-publication state where they existed only as parts of Sebald’s Bildmaterial, … Continue readingSebald’s photo archive

Museum Without Walls

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André Malraux is perhaps best known for his idea of the “Museum Without Walls”, a museum in the mind, comprising the art of past centuries and civilizations. Malraux visualized art without the traditional confines (and constructs) of the museum grouping, i.e., by country and periodization. … Continue readingMuseum Without Walls