EPHEMERA KABINETT: Holes in Art and Life


TITLE: “Hole in  the window at MCASD, La Jolla” DESCRIPTION: Photograph document from PST exhibition LOCATION: Photo Cabinet DATE: 2011 DISCUSSION: By cutting a hole in a museum’s existing window, the artist (quite literally) creates a rupture in art’s institution(s). But he does so much more. … Continue readingEPHEMERA KABINETT: Holes in Art and Life

EPHEMERA KABINETT: Fallout Protection pamphlet (digital)


Accession #: 22121-d Title: Fallout Protection pamphlet (1961) Description: Booklet issued by the U.S. government and distributed in U.S. post offices in December of 1961. Location: ICI Photo Cabinet (digital/from the internet) Discussion: The pamphlet was distributed at Christmas time to allow for family discussions … Continue readingEPHEMERA KABINETT: Fallout Protection pamphlet (digital)