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This is the default category for the virtual ICI Laboratory. In essence, we believe everything that comes to, resides in or journeys forth from the ICI is raw material for tomorrow’s research.

EARTH SAMPLE: Copan Ruinas, Honduras



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EARTH SAMPLE: Auschwitz, Poland



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Artistic abstraction, which came into public view circa 1911, is currently undergoing a broad reassessment.   At mid-century, Clement Greenberg argued that modernist painting’s exploration of line, color, and gesture — each a turn away from figurative representation and from the other … Continue reading

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Zeitschrift Physiologie

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In 1902, Max Verworn began the Zeitschrift für allgemeine Physiologie (Journal of General Physiology). In 21 years, the Zeitschrift amounted to 20 volumes full of pictures, diagrams, graphs, and photographs — companions to extensive articles on the inner-workings of all sorts of bodily … Continue reading

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Interviewing the Dead: Sebald’s Words


The Searching for Sebald project was a landmark event for the ICI because it opened the door to a whole new toolbox for doing creative research. Sebald’s bricolage gave us permission to “play” more than we usually do. In this … Continue reading

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EARTH SAMPLE: Pond of Ashes from Birkenau, Poland



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The Clue’s Tool

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In the Minoan palace on Crete, the ‘clew’ was a ball of thread that would help one navigate the Cretan labyrinth. The clue’s early meaning was retained when the noun became a verb. To this day, ‘to clue’ is to … Continue reading

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