EPHEMERA KABINETT: Holes in Art and Life

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TITLE: “Hole in  the window at MCASD, La Jolla”

DESCRIPTION: Photograph document from PST exhibition

LOCATION: Photo Cabinet

DATE: 2011

DISCUSSION: By cutting a hole in a museum’s existing window, the artist (quite literally) creates a rupture in art’s institution(s). But he does so much more. Standing in front of this visual manifesto we quickly leap from the museum’s floor to the world outside, to that realm of unanswerable questions; entertainment and titillation turns into a search for meaning. Irwin reminds us that things are most alive (buildings, art, humans) when they leak, when they spill, and when they mingle with what’s inside or outside their (imagined) impenetrable forms.

ICI History: HOLES (revisited) rhizome (12/12)



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