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ICI-LIBforgetfoucault-wBaudrillard, Jean;
Forget Foucault: And Forget Baudrillard, and interview with Sylvere Lotringer (

ICI Shelf: Philosophy

FIRST LINE: “Foucault’s writing is perfect in that the very movement of the text gives an admirable account of what it proposes: on one hand, a powerful generating spiral that is no longer a despotic architecture but a filiation en abyme, coil and strophe without origin (without catastrophe, either), unfolding ever more wildly and rigorously; but on the other hand, an interstitial flowing of power that seeps through the whole porous network of the social, the mental, and of bodies, infinitesimally modulating the technologies of power (where the relations of power and seduction are inextricably entangled).”

LAST LINE:“There is nothing to be had from it.”

ICI HISTORY: Last Line: Today at the ICI-Twitter Feed (01-06-17)

Accession #: ICI-00284

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