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ICI-LIB_Style_In_Motion_Munkacsi-wWhite, Nancy & Este, John;
Style in Motion: Munkacsi Photographs of the ‘20s, ‘30s, and ‘40s (1979)

ICI Shelf: Photography

First Line: “In the 1930’s, working under Carmel Snow, the gifted editor of Harper’s Bazaar, a Hungarian émigré by the name of Martin Munkacsi dazzled the fashion world with an innovative approach to fashion photography that was zestful, spontaneous, and unfettered by the stale conventions of the field.”

Last Line: “Janet Flanner once said, “It’s been a recollective pleasure.”

ICI History: Last Line, Today at the ICI — Twitter Feed (01-20-18)

Accession #: ICI-02716

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