LIBRARY SHELF: The Optic of Walter Benjamin

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ICI-LIB_Optic_Walter_Benjamin-wColes, Alex;
The Optic of Walter Benjamin: Volume 3 (

ICI Shelf: Philosophy

First Line: “Gerard Richter’s Atlas is one of several structurally similar, yet rather different projects by a number of European artists from the early to mid-1960s (one could also think of the forty-year-old collection of typologies of industrial architecture by Bernhard and Hilla Becher begun in 1958, or the work of Christian Boltanski begun in the late 1960s) whose formal procedures of accumulating found or intentionally produced photographs in more or less grid formations have remained enigmatic.”

Last Line: “Of that greater (some)thing – the fulfillment of Utopia – one cannot speak, only bear witness.”

ICI History:  Last Line, Today at the ICI — Twitter Feed (05-26-15)

Accession #: ICI-00289

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