LIBRARY SHELF: Mourning Diary

Mourning Diary

Barthes, Roland; Howard, Richard, trans.
Mourning Diary: October 26, 19977—September 15, 1979
; (2010)

FIRST LINE: “First wedding night. But first mourning night”?

ICI SHELF: Current Book Project

Accession #: ICI-02580

ICI HISTORY: Barthes’ Tear (2010-2014); Today at the ICI-Twitter Feed (7-15-11)

NOTES: Barthes penchant for what Meghan O’Rourke calls ‘interrogation more than explication,’ resonates with ICI research methods. This book anticipates the ‘scenes (of the crime)’ of Barthes’ Camera Lucida and offers clues to the mystery of the latter’s long shelf life without ever solving its multiple ‘crimes.’

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