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With Everything but the Monkey Head: Theorizing Art’s Untheorizable Practices is a major ICI project centered on the burgeoning field of studio-based research in the visual arts. This project is a collaboration with nine diverse researchers who have participated in some sort of visual research at the ICI during the last 5 years; a set of specially selected interlocutors whose questions will help construct and strengthen the ideas central to each researcher’s project; and the curious spectators who have always enriched ICI projects with their thoughtful discussion and debate during public exchanges.

Each iteration of With Everything but the Monkey Head will be accompanied by a unique laboratory workbook created by the researcher over the course of their short residency. Part journal, workbook, recipe book, and itinerary, this chronicle will provide a snapshot of the project at each stage of its unfolding.

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Iteration VIII: Amy Kaczur

June 26 – July 1, 2017




Iteration VII: Pam Posey

September 13 – October 1, 2016





Iteration VI: Christel Dillbohner

August 8-13, 2016





Iteration V: Christian Smith

August 1-6, 2016





Iteration IV: Greg Cohen

July 12 – August 1, 2016





Iteration III: Antoinette LaFarge

June 21 – July 10, 2016





Iteration II: Anna Ayeroff

May 24 – June 12, 2016





Iteration I: Martin Gantman

April 12 – May 8, 2016


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