EPHEMERA KABINETT: Sebald’s Grave Holes

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Field document fro Searching for Sebald field work

Title: “Sebald’s Holes”

Description: Photo field document from an ICI Interpretive Field project – Searching for Sebald. Many photos were taken on that trip, some of which seem to come from deep memories that had yet to form in consciousness. Only when the group returned did they find the captions for the photos in Sebald’s third prose fiction, The Rings of Saturn.

What struck me about this tomb were the round holes on the upper edges of the four sides. They reminded me somehow of the air-holes we used to make as children in the lids of the boxes in which we kept the cockchafers we caught, with some leaves for food. It was possible, I thought to myself, that the bereaved had had these holes bored into the stone in the eventuality that the dear departed in her sepulchre should wish once more to breathe the air.

Donor: Lise Patt

ICI Location: Field Document/Photo Cabinet

ICI History: HOLES (revisited) Rhizome (12/12)

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