EPHEMERA KABINETT: Fallout Protection pamphlet (digital)

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Fallout Protection Pamphlet (1961)

Accession #: 22121-d

Title: Fallout Protection pamphlet (1961)

Description: Booklet issued by the U.S. government and distributed in U.S. post offices in December of 1961.

Location: ICI Photo Cabinet (digital/from the internet)

Discussion: The pamphlet was distributed at Christmas time to allow for family discussions over Christmas dinner. Notable for its strong use of visuals and d-i-y instructions that encourage you to ‘try this at home.’ Its general conclusion is: you can survive a nuclear bomb if you’re prepared and you have a handy person around to keep you safe.


Samples pages from Fallout Protection

Page from Fallout Protection pamphlet (1961)


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