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Weeping, Dreaming, F*cking, Laughing


EK ACCESSION#: ICI 22323 TITLE: Essay about how some ‘revolutions are started’ in Mousse Art Journal (Mousse 59, Summer 2017) by Andrew Beradini DISCUSSION: We weep because we have the hearts to feel things. Our sadness is real and we have … Continue reading

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Ephemera Kabinett: Time Cigarettes


Accession Number: ICI-21770

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LIBRARY SHELF: Message from Andrée


Koester, Joachim Message from Andrée FIRST LINE: “In Joachim Koester’s work images and words point at each other, they confer among themselves, and suggest different ways to go.” LAST LINE: “This is a transcript of the entire deciphered text in Andreé’s … Continue reading

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Earth Cabinet: Chimayo dirt


TITLE: Photo of the ‘dirt hole’ at the Sanctuary in Chimayo, New Mexico (c. 1994). DESCRIPTION: Photo of ‘dirt hole’ inside the sanctuary. Since the 1900s, the dirt has been linked to numerous miraculous cures. Over 1/4 of a million people … Continue reading

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Ephemera Kabinett: Mourning Pins


Accession #: ICI 22061 Title: Victorian-era Mourning Pins Discussion: Matchbox-sized case of black-tipped mourning pins made in Germany for the American and English markets sometime during the nineteenth or early twentieth century. These pins were used to attach veils during … Continue reading

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