ICI Technic: Disrupted Vision


The Enlightenment brought a paradigm shift from monocular to binocular vision and with it an understanding that ways of seeing involve issues of focus but also, we believe, a growing understanding that with focus some elements will be “out of focus,” or unseen (or maybe … Continue readingICI Technic: Disrupted Vision

ICI Technic: Diagramming


As visual thinkers, we often resort to the impromptu diagram to help bring us through a conceptual morass. Through the years, we have taken this conceit one step further in our belief that our nascent theories and philosophies should lend themselves to a visual form. … Continue readingICI Technic: Diagramming

ICI Technic: Bricolage


Since many of us are trained artists, we are well-versed in the language of collage and have used its principles (along with its postmodern addendums) for many of our projects. In actuality, our recombination techniques have aligned more often with the methods of the bricoleur … Continue readingICI Technic: Bricolage