Visual Technology – Tachistoscope Projector

Perceptomatic model 4000
Rheem Califone

Accession Number: ICI-22056
Accession Date: 07-20-2009

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5 Responses to Visual Technology – Tachistoscope Projector

  1. Dr. Valentine Ucheagwu says:

    How can I buy this tachistoscope instrument for my research

    • institute says:

      While the tachioscope in our collection is not for sale, eBay is an excellent resource for finding old technology in good working condition.

    • Palmer R. Cook, O.D. says:

      I have a Rheem califone Tachistoscope with a spare bulb. Is seems to be in good condition. Please email me if you are still looking for this item, and I will try to answer your questions. It has at one slide which also appears to be in good condition.

      Palmer R. Cook, OD
      Cincinnati, OH

  2. Jim Christy says:

    I have one identical to this that I no longer have room for. It appears to work perfectly but I have no slides to truly test it.

  3. Jan Sterenborg says:

    You can build one yourself?

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