LIBRARY SHELF: Body and Soul


Conn, Steven; Body and Soul: Contemporary Art and healing(1998) ICI Shelf: Exhibitions First Line: “As we approach the end of the twentieth century, individuals seek new means of relief fro, the stress, disease, and environmental pollution that permeate our society.” Last Line: “Imagine being in … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Body and Soul

LIBRARY SHELF: Special Cases


Purcell, Rosamond; Special Cases: Natural Anomalies and Historical Monsters (1997) ICI Shelf: Museums Last Line: “And Kircher with his mirrors: there are, he asserts, “a thousand ways to deform a man,” and, if you use the methods he recommends, “no monster is so ugly whose … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Special Cases

LIBRARY SHELF: Gender Trouble


Butler, Judith; Gender trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity (1990) ICI Shelf: Body Last Line: “What other local strategies for engaging the “unnatural” might lead to the denaturalization of gender as such?” ICI History: Today at the ICI — Twitter Feed (06-20-14) Accession #: … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Gender Trouble

LIBRARY SHELF: The Freudian Body


Bersani, Leo; The Freudian Body: Psychoanalysis and Art (1987) ICI Shelf: Body First Line: “How has Freud profited—or suffered—from all the attention lavished on him in America and in Europe, during the past fifteen or twenty years?” ICI History: Today at the ICI — Twitter … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: The Freudian Body

LIBRARY SHELF: The Making of the Modern Body


Gallagher, Catherine and Thomas Whitney, eds.; The Making of the Modern Body: Sexuality and Society in the Nineteenth Century (1987) ICI Shelf: Body First Line: “Scholars have only recently discovered that the human body itself has a history.” ICI History: Today at the ICI — … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: The Making of the Modern Body