With Everything But the Monkey Head – Overview


With Everything but the Monkey Head: Theorizing Art’s Untheorizable Practices is a major ICI project centered on the burgeoning field of studio-based research in the visual arts. This project is a collaboration with nine diverse researchers who have participated in some sort of visual research at the … Continue readingWith Everything But the Monkey Head – Overview

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For over twenty years the associates of the  Institute of Cultural Inquiry have developed a unique form of artmaking they call ‘visual research.’ The term ‘research’ was chosen, in part, to delineate an alternative path for the ICI, one that veered away from the Gallery-Industrial-Complex, as Holland Cotter … Continue reading

Links and Resources for Visual Research

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RESEARCH Christov-Bakargiev, Carolyn. “Wordly Worlding: The Imaginal Fields of Science/Art and making Patterns Together”. Mousse 43 (April-May 2014) Ingold, Tim. (April 2008) “Bringing Things to Life: Creative Entanglements in a World of Materials” Busch, Kathrin. “Artistic Research and the Poetics of Knowledge.” Art & Research vol. 2, … Continue readingLinks and Resources for Visual Research