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We ‘receive’ a sound, a word, a noise that is different than what the sender intended. Slips of the ear are the inverse of slips of the tongue but equally provocative and revealing.

Every Ten Minutes Cassette by Robert Farber


EK ACCESSION #: ICI 21686 TITLE: Every Ten Minutes (audio cassette tape) DISCUSSION: A project by Robert Farber for Visual AIDS on Day Without Art in 1992. There was no sound on the tape except for a gong that rang … Continue reading

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LIBRARY SHELF: The Supernatural


Hill, Douglas and Pat Williams. The Supernatural (1965) ICI Shelf: Paraclesus First Line: “In 1956 Life magazine introduced some traditional but dressed up American ghost stories with the caption: “The old beliefs die hard, even in this Skeptical age.”” ICI … Continue reading

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Jarman, Derek Blue: Das Buch zum Film (1994) ICI Shelf: London First Line: “You say to the boy open your eyes” Last Line: “I place a delphinium, Blue, upon your grave.” ICI History: Today at the ICI — Twitter Feed: … Continue reading

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