HIV/AIDS Programs that could have been funded instead of Ken Starr


Accession #: ICI-21758 TITLE:Ken Starr’s Waste DISCUSSION: A postcard printed by Visual AIDS in the height of the Ken Starr investigation into President Clinton’s sexual antics. It highlights the choices our leaders make and underlines the irony of Starr’s efforts. His crusade against President Clinton … Continue readingHIV/AIDS Programs that could have been funded instead of Ken Starr

LIBRARY SHELF: Histoire de L’oeil


Bataille, George; Histoire de L’oeil (1979) ICI Shelf: Fiction FIRST LINE: “J’ai ete eleve seul et, aussi loin que  je me le rappelle, j’etais anxieux des choses sexuelles.” LAST LINE: “Mais c’est la solitude et l’absence de sens qui la fondent.” ICI HISTORY: Last Line: Today at … Continue readingLIBRARY SHELF: Histoire de L’oeil

ICI Technic: Bricolage


Since many of us are trained artists, we are well-versed in the language of collage and have used its principles (along with its postmodern addendums) for many of our projects. In actuality, our recombination techniques have aligned more often with the methods of the bricoleur … Continue readingICI Technic: Bricolage

EPHEMERA KABINETT: Coverage of Chilean Miners’ Rescue in Expresso Newspaper (digital)


ACCESSION #: 22123-d TITLE: Spread from the Portuguese newspaper Expresso reporting on the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners on October 13, 2010 LOCATION: Ephemera Kabinett (Internet document) DISCUSSION: Expresso did not simply represent but also enacted the rescue of the miners through a simple visual … Continue readingEPHEMERA KABINETT: Coverage of Chilean Miners’ Rescue in Expresso Newspaper (digital)



ACCESSION #: ICI-22303 TITLE: “Back Story” by Ryan Tracy and Michael Picón DESCRIPTION: A poster that uses a ‘hole’ graphic to represent the harrowing plight of the 33 Chilean miners (2010) as they wait for rescue. ICI History: Used for HOLES (revisited) Rhizome in the … Continue readingEPHEMERA KABINETT: The Miner’s Paloma

LIBRARY SHELF: Felix Gonzalez-Torres


Ault, Julie; ed. Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1991) ICI Shelf: Artist Monographs First Line: “I want to begin this book by telling you that I knew Felix Gonzalez-Torres well.” ICI History: Today at the ICI — Twitter Feed (12-02-12)