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camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente roughly translates as: a shrimp who sleeps, is washed out with the tide.

EPHEMERA KABINETT: Sebald’s Grave Holes


Title: “Sebald’s Holes” Description: Photo field document from an ICI Interpretive Field project – Searching for Sebald. Many photos were taken on that trip, some of which seem to come from deep memories that had yet to form in consciousness. … Continue reading

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EPHEMERA KABINETT: Fallout Protection pamphlet (digital)


Accession #: 22121-d Title: Fallout Protection pamphlet (1961) Description: Booklet issued by the U.S. government and distributed in U.S. post offices in December of 1961. Location: ICI Photo Cabinet (digital/from the internet) Discussion: The pamphlet was distributed at Christmas time … Continue reading

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