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Sometimes we don’t see things because they are in places or sites we don’t associate with that object; the object remains invisible due to a kind of cultural (not visual) camouflage.

This Could Be a Place of Historical Significance


In 1980, Braco Dimitrijević built an engraved slab into the pavement outside the Cathedral in Cologne, Germany. This photo was taken in January of 1992. Dimitrijević’s critique of history relies not only on language, the usual fodder of sign systems, … Continue reading

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LIBRARY SHELF: Serial Killers


Seltzer, Mark; Serial Killers: Death and Life in America’s Would Culture (1998) ICI Shelf: Body First Line: “Serial Killing has its place in a public culture in which addictive violence has become not merely a collective spectacle but one of … Continue reading

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EPHEMERA KABINETT: Sebald’s Grave Holes


Title: “Sebald’s Holes” Description: Photo field document from an ICI Interpretive Field project – Searching for Sebald. Many photos were taken on that trip, some of which seem to come from deep memories that had yet to form in consciousness. … Continue reading

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The Sign of the Masons


The main entrance of the Great Eastern Hotel in London offers a ‘sign’ that is hidden in plain sight. Even though it was left off the hotel’s official floorplan, three bricked in windows act as a visual sign for a … Continue reading

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