ICI Technic: Incantation


In a memorial service for one of our founding associates, cigars, food, money, and a healthy shot of whiskey were used to conjure up Papa Legba, the spirit guardian of the Crossroads. Incantation derives from Middle English, from the Anglo-French enchanter, reminding us that the casting of spells … Continue readingICI Technic: Incantation

ICI Technic: Diagramming


As visual thinkers, we often resort to the impromptu diagram to help bring us through a conceptual morass. Through the years, we have taken this conceit one step further in our belief that our nascent theories and philosophies should lend themselves to a visual form. … Continue readingICI Technic: Diagramming

EPHEMERA KABINETT: 1945 photograph of Köln after WWII allied bombing

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ACCESSION #: ICI-22214-d TITLE: “What Remains” DESCRIPTION: Aerial view of Köln, Germany c. 1945. This northern German city endured over 1,000 bombings during World War II. Remarkably, the medieval cathedral at the center of the city withstood this bombardment. Its haunting presence inverts the usual concept … Continue readingEPHEMERA KABINETT: 1945 photograph of Köln after WWII allied bombing

EPHEMERA KABINETT: Sebald’s Grave Holes


Title: “Sebald’s Holes” Description: Photo field document from an ICI Interpretive Field project – Searching for Sebald. Many photos were taken on that trip, some of which seem to come from deep memories that had yet to form in consciousness. Only when the group returned … Continue readingEPHEMERA KABINETT: Sebald’s Grave Holes

EPHEMERA KABINETT: Book Burning Memorial in Berlin


 Title: Memorial to Nazi Book Burning in Berlin Description: The memorial was created by Micha Ullman to commemorate the Nazi-initiated book-burning event on May 10, 1933. The memorial is simple, a glass covered hole in the middle of a large plaza reveals four white, empty … Continue readingEPHEMERA KABINETT: Book Burning Memorial in Berlin