HIV/AIDS Programs that could have been funded instead of Ken Starr


Accession #: ICI-21758 TITLE:Ken Starr’s Waste DISCUSSION: A postcard printed by Visual AIDS in the height of the Ken Starr investigation into President Clinton’s sexual antics. It highlights the choices our leaders make and underlines the irony of Starr’s efforts. His crusade against President Clinton … Continue readingHIV/AIDS Programs that could have been funded instead of Ken Starr

Florentine Codex

excerpt thumbWhat happens when we apply western constructs to non-western archives?

When the Franciscan friar Bernardino de SahagĂșn set out to record the world of the Aztecs in 1540, he complained about “hidden meanings that are unrecognizable.” In Book X of his 12 volume Florentine Codex, written in native Nahua with sections translated to Spanish, he … Continue readingFlorentine CodexContinue readingFlorentine Codex

Museum Without Walls

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AndrĂ© Malraux is perhaps best known for his idea of the “Museum Without Walls”, a museum in the mind, comprising the art of past centuries and civilizations. Malraux visualized art without the traditional confines (and constructs) of the museum grouping, i.e., by country and periodization. … Continue readingMuseum Without Walls


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The telegraph room at the Mundaneum circa 1930, Paul Otlet’s ambitious project to create a master bibliography of all the world’s published knowledge. His interest in collecting magazines, journals, photographs, posters and all kinds of ephemera and not just books mimics our own activities at … Continue readingMundaneum