Diagram of Visual Research at the ICI


Over the last decade, many thinkers have attempted to diagram the interlocking processes of studio-based research in an attempt to clarify the need for a PhD degree in studio art (http://thinkingpractices.wordpress.com/theories-of-art-practices-as-research/). We have been inspired by these attempts to chart what we do fairly naturally … Continue readingDiagram of Visual Research at the ICI

Interviewing the Dead: Sebald’s Words


The Searching for Sebald project was a landmark event for the ICI because it opened the door to a whole new toolbox for doing creative research. Sebald’s bricolage gave us permission to “play” more than we usually do. In this case, we transcribed an interview … Continue readingInterviewing the Dead: Sebald’s Words

ICI Technic: Incantation


In a memorial service for one of our founding associates, cigars, food, money, and a healthy shot of whiskey were used to conjure up Papa Legba, the spirit guardian of the Crossroads. Incantation derives from Middle English, from the Anglo-French enchanter, reminding us that the casting of spells … Continue readingICI Technic: Incantation

ICI Technic: Miniaturization


As Susan Stewart has proposed, the miniature operates at the place of origin—the childhood of the self—creating an “interior temporality of the subject,” a place for private contemplation. When the physical dimensions of material ideas are decreased, so too are the roles of hierarchy and narrative. Miniaturization … Continue readingICI Technic: Miniaturization